Mr Krishnamurthy  

Shri Krishnamurthy has a total of 30 years of experience in reading, interpretation and predicting based on ancient system of vedic astrology. His forte is that he does not prescribe costly pujas or birthstones as normally practitioners of astrology do. His approach is unorthodox and devoid of any ambiguities. He guides people for the do’s and dont’s based on the natal chart.
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services Services offered :
Life Reading, Kundali Matching, Love Report  , Marriage Report, Relationship Analysis, Finance Report , Career Report, Business Report,  Child Report, Health Report, Year Ahead, Three select questions in any area
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Dr. Aparna from United Kingdom: “Krishnamurthyji's predictions have been very accurate. He has been correct in his predictions regarding both my career as well as personal life. He helped in matching horoscopes and I am having a happy married life. I would recommend consulting him for any important concerns that you may have since he will guide you based on his expertise in astrology.”

Mr. Mohan from Abu Dhabi:
“Since 2000, my family sincerely respect and admire the accurate predictions given by Mr.Krishnamurthy. During a very difficult phase in my career , he is the one who gave confidence to life with his very accurate prediction , by giving a very certain date by which the problems started solving on its own. Moreover his prediction on birth of my second son also came very true

Mr. Shyam, Singapore
“I have benefitted immensely from Mr Krishnamurthy's wise counsel over the last 6 years that I have known him. Mr Krishnamurthy has a God gifted ability to combine his extensive and in-depth knowledge of the finer nuances of astrology with his highly developed interpretative skills to be able to confidently give his clients some very insighful and highly accurate predictions that relate to their daily lives. These span a wide canvass like health, profession, business, education, relationships, family etc. I have referred several of my friends and each have received prompt service and kind consideration from Mr Krishnamurthy. I believe that not only are they his satisfied customers, but they too are happy to refer their friends to him. Mr Krishnamurthy is humble, easy to approach and a man of integrity.”

Methodology Vedic Astrolgy :
Benefits of vedic astrology encompasses in the following areas of life:Education, Career,  Marriage, Child, Finance Health & Overall
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Online Form :
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  Methodology Methodology :
The broad methodology for accurate predictions is using mathematical calculations, use of ancient studies on the effect of planetary positions
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